Before we choose a new product for our line, we go through a process of rigorous scrutiny to ensure each item we select fits into our existing line and meets our standards of quality. This process starts with a product demonstration or “demo”. At our level, demos take place in China and they usually start with the factory taking us out out to a remote shoot site (often a farmers field or rural intercession), handing us a demo list and shooting each product one by one for us to review. For most die-hard fans of fireworks, the prospect of going to China, experiencing the culture and and watching a slew of new products would sound pretty awesome! And for the first few nights it is! But after doing this every night, week after week, the “fire” starts to fade away and you’re left with nothing but work(s)! In fact, the first time I ever fell asleep while watching fireworks was during a demo! I would say on average we watch about 10 bad products for every 1 that makes it into our inventory. So for our current line of 75 great products, we had to watch 750 boring ones! Below is a video of a demo we where shown during a recent trip to China. See if you have the patience to sit through all 30 minutes of it and weed out the creme of the crop! Leave a comment and let us know what your favorites are! We’ll use your feedback to pick and develop our new products for next year!