Many people ask, “Is Pyro Planet a retailer or a wholesaler?” The answer is, we’re neither! We’re a new breed of fireworks company, a decentralized hybrid of traditional fireworks businesses, bound together by technology! Some may call us a “Chinese exporter” but the reality is that Pyro Planet is a corporation headquartered in Zelienople, PA with additional offices in Washington DC, Canada and China. While it’s true that we only deal in container sales, our goal is to scour the thousands of fireworks factories in China, develop relationships with the best of the best, design fantastic products for the US market, ensure quality, safety and regulatory compliance, while making it easy for our US partners to do business with us! If you have a question about how we may fit into your current supply chain (or any other question for that matter), please give us a call at 866-790-7976 or send an email to