350 Gram Cakes

Plasma Wave

Plasma Wave

Big gold strobe mines, followed by purple, green and pink dahlias with a finale of crackling tails and big gold bursts.

Rat Rod

Rat Rod

Get down and dirty with boisterous blues, rowdy reds, growling greens and a killer gold finale that will blow your hair back.

Crash Override

Crash Override

Prepare for a cyber attack of glittering tails, pink, orange, sea blue, green dahlias with a finale of gold and silver.

Bored & Stroked pyroplanet

Bored & Stroked

“I-V-W” style, featuring triple whistles with silver tails, gold tails to orange peonies with white strobe stars and crackling mines to red/yellow peonies with gold strobe stars.

Zombie Attack pyroplanet

Zombie Attack

Get ready to wake the dead! Big purple and green dahlias with brilliant gold strobe stars!

Fourth of July Blast pyroplanet

Fourth of July Blast

“I-V-W” style, includes blue and purple peonies with gold strobe pistil, red peony with red strobe pistil and gold brocades with white strobe pistil.

Sky Comet pyroplanet

Sky Comet

A new effect! Shells launch into the air and fire blue mines with big glittering comets. Finishes with a huge barrage of gold brocades!

Diamond Sky pyroplanet

Diamond Sky

Like jewels from the cosmos, this cake lights up the night sky with gold brocades and bright white strobe stars!

Solar pyroplanet


“I-V-W” style, featuring mines and shells in orange, yellow, purple, green, red strobe, gold strobe crackling and silver fish.

Caribbean Sunset

Caribbean Sunset

Gold strobe mines to pink and orange bursts, special red/gold strobe comets, red and blue bursts with gold strobe and a finale of gold brocade mines to gold brocades!