500 Gram Cakes

Flying Proud

Flying Proud

Patriotic fans of red, white and blue with crackling mines, gold glitter tails and a finale of solid gold.



A shimmering collection of effects! Featuring brilliant blues, warm yellows, strobing stars and glittering willows.

Technicolor Dream

Technicolor Dream

Wide format fans of glittering comets and vivid color bursts. Effects include red, blue, pink, purple, ocean blue, green, red strobe, white strobe and a big finish.

Emerald Blast

Emerald Blast

A pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Featuring multi-level effects, fiery crackle, brilliant greens and glittering golds.

Fusion Core pyroplanet

Fusion Core

Big red/cracking mines with flying fish, alternating with a variety of strobing aerial bursts and a finale of dragon eggs.

Second Amendment pyroplanet

Second Amendment

Large red, white and blue bursts followed by time delay crackle and a finale of red, white and blue with big gold crackling palms.

Rising Dragon pyroplanet

Rising Dragon

Rapid fire with big silver dragons to strobing horsetails and crackling clusters!

Buccaneer's Booty pyroplanet

Buccaneers Booty

Fanned mines and shells laden with gold brocades, crackling, blue stars and more gold brocades!

Goldfingers pyroplanet


Big color dahlias in that change suddenly to gold brocade fingers! Effects include red, blue, purple, green, yellow and gold brocade!


Pirates vs. Ninja pyroplanet

Pirates vs. Ninja

Triple whistles and silver comets, with bursts in sea blue, yellow and pink. Finishes with gold brocade and white strobe stars!

Star Destroyer pyroplanet

Star Destroyer

Multi-color and crackling comets zig-zaging with increasing speed. Massive brocade finale!

Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero

This 25 shot, 500g cake features blue mines & dahlias to silver strobe comets & willows, blue mines to silver jellyfish, big dragon egg mines & a finale of white strobe mines to brocades with white strobe stars.

Sound of Color pyroplanet

Sound of Color

Loud whistling tails rise to big bursts in a variety of colors, including pink, lime green, purple, yellow, orange, blue, gold strobe and gold brocade.

Trifecta pyroplanet


Fans of big silver comets mixed with glittering mines and a crackling finale!

Whiteout pyroplanet


Powerful ball shells loaded with unique color changing stars. Effect begins as a special white brocade, then changes suddenly to brilliant white strobes.

Tangerine Dream pyroplanet

Tangerine Dream

´╗┐Crackling mines to orange horsetails with jellyfish and big orange peonies with white strobe pistils!

Atomic Watermelon pyroplanet

Atomic Watermelon

Green, yellow, pink & purple dahlias; combined with gold strobe stars & whistling mines. Finishes with gold strobe tails to gold brocades with gold strobe stars.

Noisy Boys pyroplanet

Noisy Boys

Huge crackling mines under peonies of blue, red, purple, yellow and green with a crackling finale!

Knights of Ni pyroplanet

Knights of Ni

Whistling mines, red strobe stars, sea blue and blue dahlias with a big gold finale!

Solid Gold pyroplanet

Solid Gold

Big gold brocade mines up to dripping gold brocade bursts mixed with gold strobing stars!

Kaleidoscopic pyroplanet


Double crackle bursts, whistles, red strobe, gold strobe, purple, green, red, yellow and pink. Finishes with a volley of loud double crackle bursts!